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Why Print Will Never Die: 6 reasons why print will stand the test of time

When we remember the older generations the picture is almost incomplete without newspapers. But now newspapers seem to be becoming obsolete as digital takes over. The same goes for letters and emails. But when was the last you saved your favourite email in the cupboard to read over and over again or saved a digital news piece in your slam book. That is the power of the print medium that cannot be overlooked especially for your brand.

Even with the advent of digital platforms, 170 million letters are sent every day just in the U.S. alone, and around 500 million people the world over enjoy their morning cup of coffee with the newspaper. Let’s explore the reasons behind why print will not just sustain but prevail in the test of time and why you should consider print marketing for your brand.


Let’s pick up where we left off: newspapers.

72% of the people believe that newspapers are more reliable than social media and news websites. Moreover, a study on Indian readers by the Journal of Socialomics shows that 90% of online news consumers also read newspapers. This is also reflected in advertising where another study shows that Indian readers trust print ads compared to digital ads. The reason behind this could be traced to the fact that digital media has lesser security and lesser regulations than print media. The same can be said for brochures and pamphlets.


The print medium is known to be more effective when it comes to memory. This might be why it is easier to recall something read from a book than an article online. The reason behind this is that print engages more senses of the brain than digital. When you look at an ad or content in print, you can touch it, the colours are more real, the depth perception can be felt, be it with textures or layers. All of these contribute to the likelihood that print is better for retention.

Relationship Building:

Often the ones who are remembered are the ones that go the extra mile. With the constant bombarding of spam and promotional material available online, the brands that take the extra step to send out their material, or do on-site promotions act as a breath of fresh air. Brands such as Coca Cola and Ikea have long since realised this benefit and allot more than half their marketing budget on print media.


Emails are liked, digital ads are scrolled past, but direct marketing mail is kept. In the most pessimistic scenario where a customer doesn’t directly engage with the material, they at least tend to store it for an average of 17 days before discarding it. This in itself is extremely impactful in brand awareness.


The average response to a sales email or email campaign may only be half to one per cent. A good direct mail campaign may get a response of three to five per cent. (Source).

The benefits of print such as trustworthiness, memorability, and better opportunity to communicate brand identity all work together to improve the effectiveness of print marketing/media. For instance, according to direct mail can is known to generate around 1255% ROI!

Brand Identity:

Establishing a brand is extremely important when it comes to the battle of businesses. Visuals are an important part of defining it, the fonts can speak to how luxury or common use the brand is, the textures add to the brand experience while the quality of the print can help increase trust placed in the brand. And this can be only achieved with consistency, practicality, and great quality at the same time. Our state of the art, technologically driven printing process can assure this while our experienced team act as great consultants in order to ensure you make the best out of your print activities.

To sum it up, although the digital wave has taken the world over by storm, the importance of print still remains. It is the torchbearer of trust, quality, and experience. The above reasons and many more ensure that print is an important part of our social interaction and therefore for marketing activities, and the day it becomes obsolete is nowhere in sight.

Consult us to leverage these benefits of print for your brand.

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