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Communicate Ethics, Command Aesthetics

Powerful Packaging : Paper Packaging  

A great brand is not just one that has the best USP or has the loudest advertising, it is one that has respectable brand ethics, adds real value to its customers, and can communicate these with consistency. At Zodiac, we help you do just that. 


Deliver your products in packaging that speaks about your dedication towards not just customers but the world at large. Experience the difference that rich paper quality, creativity in design, and functionality in structure bring to your brand. Avail paper bags that your customers love to use over and over again and help boost your brand visibility. 


Achieve sustainability that doesn’t go out of style. Communicate your brand values. Deliver a brand experience that lasts with paper bags from Zodiac. 

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Personal Care

Our paper bags are not just environment friendly but also eye-catchy, which is exactly what this industry needs. With organic, vegan, and sustainable brands on the rise, paper bags are the need of the hour. Duplicate the aesthetics of your product on the bag and let it do all the talking. 

Industry-Specific Features 

  • Gold foiling and embossing for a textured effect that attracts customers

  • Design expertise that can turn a bag into a work of art

  • Various textures available according to your needs

Need robust packaging like your product 

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Fashion Clothing 

A paper bag can act like a blank canvas ready to advertise for you. At Zodiac, we grab every opportunity, utilize every space to ensure your brand communication stays strong. We customize the size, shape, and design as it fits your needs and help you grab attention even outside the store. 


Industry-Specific Features


  • Choice of paper material as per brand requirement 

  • Design expertise that keeps up with the style 

  • Embossing and Gold-Foiling 

  • Quality that is as premium as your brand


If you have packaging needs that are not addressed here, talk to us. We are pretty sure we can execute it for you.  

Paper Bahs - Hunger Delights.jpg

Food & 

Customers are extremely particular about quality when it comes to this industry. They expect the best experience and assess the quality of your product at every touchpoint. Ensure that your packaging is not a lost opportunity. With our solutions, you can provide high-end paper bags that are sure to speak volumes about your brand. 


Industry-Specific Features

  • Custom thickness of the material

  • Metallic Inks 

  • Gold foiling and Embossing

  • No tear, high-quality bags

  • Handles that are comfortable to hold irrespective of the weight 

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