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About us 

What has cultivated our culture at Zodiac has been the readiness to take challenges, be it as a new company 39 years ago or now as we adapt to changes in the world and innovate our solutions.

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Our  Story

In 1981,  when Lt Col MD Singh retired after 21 years in the army he decided to put his time to good use. He focused his energies on his ambition and thus was born Zodiac Printers with a single letterpress. He soon built a dynamic and sustainable business that is now known as Zodiac Reprographics that still thrives on his principles. 


Today, a generation later we focus on the same values of innovation and client-centricity. We acquire and only use the latest and most efficient technology systems for the richest prints that fulfill a client’s needs. We have pioneered several print techniques and successfully delivered new and challenging assignments of a very high standard in a time-bound manner. For us, success lies in the client’s success. When they effectively communicate with their audience and we become the promoter of it, we know we have done a good job. In return, we have earned the trust of several national and international clients who always seek us for their branding projects. And we are always grateful for every opportunity that we have to be in someone’s brand story

Zodiac is Born 

The first four colour machine paints our joy Jai and Ajay join the Zodiac Machinery 

South East Asia’s first 8 Colour Flexo 

Zodiac finds its permanent home. Own plant in Cherlapally 


We acquire our first offset printer 

We now have a 5 Color machine  

Recognition builds and zodiac wins best label printer award 



What makes a better team than Family?

In the three generations that Zodiac has grown, we have expanded and brought our individual strengths with collective determination. Together we ideate, innovate, and create something that truly makes a brand memorable.


Few of our laurels !

Label Expo India 2018 - Label Manufacturers  Association of India -  Flexo Wine & spirits Category ,Certificate for Appreciation in 2018.   

Label Expo India 2014 - Wine & Spirit Category - Best Label printer Award 


The Universe wants it!

We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let us connect. 

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