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We don’t just print, we provide communication solutions that build a brand.

The Power Of a Good Label

If you’re wondering how choosing a print solution provider for your labels is important, let us help you. 


Although branding and marketing occur at various stages, the customer experience begins when they hold the product. Here, the labeling does all the talking. It is the most real and personal aspect of a brand and its quality will reflect your brand’s quality.


Be it your need for product visibility in highly competitive markets or adapting your label to your customer requirement, labeling isn't only about the brand visibility or product information, it is about creating a customer experience. 

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Spirits & Beverages   

In the 40 years that we have mastered our range of services to meet the needs of this industry. With the limited marketing and advertising options that the products in this category get, every interaction with the customer here has high stakes. We understand that the packaging of your product can play a huge role in determining if it is picked up from a congested shelf in the mart. From vivid and bold to subtle and elegant or anything in between, we can design and deliver the kind of label that suits your brand and audience. We can communicate a brand story that is lavish and rich, or subtle and sophisticated with embellishments that reflect it. We can help deliver a look that appeals to your customers, and that develops a brand that they want to boast about. 


Industry-Specific Features

  • Textured Effects and Emboss Effects 

  • Metallic Inks 

  • Transparent Labels so the richness of your product can shine through 

  • Easy peel-off with no residue or scratches 

  • Withstand freezing temperatures during storage and transportation 

  • Wet strength paper for beer labels 

Dewinely embossed label with gold foiling .jpg
Dewinely embossed label with gold foiling .jpg

If you have labeling needs that are not addressed here, talk to us. We are pretty sure we can execute it for you.

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The food industry has specific standards and requirements, and at Zodiac, we are proud to achieve these standards. We do this by understanding that the labels are an important part of communicating the brand and convincing the customer. We, therefore, provide end-to-end solutions from pre-print to post-print. We provide labeling services that are customized according to the material, lamination, and finish. We create the mystic brand story that you are proud of and can perform well. Because we are answerable not just to you but to your customers as well. 


Industry-Specific Features


  • Labels that work well on squeezable packs 

  • Self-adhesive Labels printing using PP, PE, PVC, and PET

  • Withstand extreme temperatures of food processing, transportation, storage, and general Indian weather. 

  • Metallic foil on the labels 

  • Lamination

  • Embossing and other textured effects 

  • Transparent Labels 

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Glasss Jar lables with gold foil.jpg

Need robust packaging like your product 

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The nature of pharmaceutical industries is that of care, hygiene, precautions, and strict monitoring. We embody the same in our processes. Our infrastructure is built, and our staff is trained to produce packaging material specialized for the pharmaceutical industry. At Zodiac, we have a culture of no compromise. We do not compromise on hygiene or safety standards, we only use the best materials and inks to match the quality required by this industry. 

Industry-Specific Features 

  • Gumming and printing made to withstand freezing temperatures and other storage conditions

  • Different embellishments like spot UV, embossing, gold foiling, and lamination to enhance packaging. 

  • Security features like specialty inks, holograms, and variable data 

  • We also provide Braille printing: now a norm in the industry 

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If you deal with drugs and want the world to know 

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Personal Care  

The brand image of skincare and cosmetic products relies a lot on aesthetics. The glitter, the richness, or the premium subtlety are all calculated moves that convey to a customer what the product can achieve. We understand this importance and align our services to your brand image. We can help enhance the appeal of a product and make it a favourite so it can take a forever spot on your customer’s shelf. 


Industry-Specific Features

  • An innovative play of designs, colours, and textures that immediately engages a customer - a necessity in this industry.

  • Water-proof and high heat resistance as they are often kept in the shower. 

  • Labeling for rigid and non-rigid surfaces and packaging materials.

  • We use high-quality ink to ensure that the print stays longer than the product life for customers to identify and boost brand rememberability.

  • Achieve a smooth and glossy look or one that is matte and refined or anything in between

  • World-class hygiene standards to not just ensure that your safety and licensing concerns are met, but to adhere to our beliefs and dedication toward quality. 


If you have packaging needs that are not addressed here, talk to us. We are pretty sure we can execute it for you. 

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