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"Packaging can be theatre,
it can create a story" 

                                                                                                                       - Steve Jobs

Carton Packaging 

Packaging is as much about function as it is about fascination. And we master both. 

We ensure detail in design, a smooth finish, usage of quality recyclable materials, and an unmatched aesthetic. We help lure your customers in while keeping up with sustainability, and your brand requirements. We also help you find the perfect choice of size, shape, and material that ensures safety. Improves convenience, and enhances customer experience. Any industry, a particular requirement, or a unique design, our zest for innovation helps you execute anything that builds your brand story. 

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Packaged Foods & Condiments 

Food is one of the most personal products out there. Products in this industry need to convey trust immediately, convey health and purity. You can achieve this through quality that lasts. Attain higher product visibility with packaging that stands out, while ensuring safety and hygiene. 

Our product list here includes but is not limited to  Masala Boxes, Premium Sweet Boxes ,Cake Boxes, Oil Cartons , Bakery Boxes , Fast Food Boxes.


Industry-Specific Features

  • Ability to withstand heavy weight especially for cake boxes

  • Stern and thick material to ensure safety during transport

  • Lamination on both sides that prevents any oil leakage

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Heavenly sweets 2.jpg

Want us to make your brand look as good as tastes 

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Hardware & Electronics  

A significant amount of care needs to go into the packaging of products from this industry. It is not enough to find the thickness that prevents transit breakage, but a special insight into the design and shape that leaves no room for error and makes it convenient for the end-user. With proven expertise in this industry, we can deliver on your requirements, 


Industry-Specific Features


  • Created for perfection, snug fit to prevent breakage

  • Leverage expertise and clearly communicate specs on the packaging 

  • Customization available


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The nature of pharmaceutical industries is that of care, hygiene, precautions, and strict monitoring. We embody the same in our processes. Our infrastructure is built, and our staff trained to produce packaging material specialized for the pharmaceutical industry. At Zodiac, we have a culture of no compromise. We do not compromise on hygiene or safety standards, we only use the best materials and inks to match the quality required by this industry. 

Industry-Specific Features 

  • Different types of embellishments are provided like spot UV, embossing, texture UV that captures the attention of customers.

  • We also provide Braille printing: now a norm in the industry 

  • We are an ISO certified company

  • We have implemented lean management  

  • Raw material testing facilities

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If you deal with drugs and want the world to know 

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Our team of experienced professionals doesn’t just provide industry-specific packaging solutions, we create concepts that bring products to life. As a rapidly developing industry, at Zodiac, we are constantly improving our services to adhere to the needs and are ready to take on any challenges that clients have for us. 


Industry-Specific Features


  • Ayurvedic boxes that prevent the sanctity of the product.

  • High-grade food quality tent boxes 

  • A variety of materials and types available

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NutriBuild-2 (1).jpg

If you have packaging needs that are not addressed here, talk to us. We are pretty sure we can execute it for you. 

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