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Breathe Life Into A Brand With Print:

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

How Print Can Help In All 5 Aspects Of Brand Building.

As commercial and economic growth keeps increasing the marketplace gets more and more crowded with companies that seek to make it big. And in this environment of rapid technological development, product USPs become harder and harder to achieve and retain. This has led to a shift in the focus to brand building.

A brand is not just what you define it as, but what they perceive it to be. It is the complete experience you provide to a consumer throughout their journey from discovery to post-purchase feedback. Every aspect of this process goes into defining and postulating the brand image that you create. A consistent, unique, and value-based brand can become your biggest marketing strategy that will help you break through the chaos and establish yourself.

Here is how you can effectively employ print collaterals to enhance the effect your brand has in the market and on its consumers.

Brand Identity: While brands go and more and more digital, print marketing collaterals become more and more unique and thereby more and more effective. The smallest details in the paper/material quality, printing techniques, the quality and shade of colours can have a huge impact in defining and differentiating brands. When done in consultation with experts you can achieve a striking level of consistency that goes a long way in establishing your brand identity.

Brand Awareness: A huge advantage that print materials have over digital is that it exists in the real space where people live and interact. This means your marketing efforts are not limited to the few hours and even fewer platforms where people spend their time in the digital world. Imagine this: streamers and posters effectively placed in a busy market or a street means that they are viewed by a single person multiple times, as opposed to digital media where you have to pay per impression or click.

Brand Recall: The colour, texture effects, and sometimes even smell are employed over print when you can only play around visually on digital. Engaging the other senses like touch and smell helps better register in one’s memory as supplemented by this research study published on Current Biology. This ensures that a brand’s identity is better etched in your customer’s brain leading to better brand recall. Print also ensures better recall for the simple fact that it stays longer. A brochure or pamphlet or a seminar guide can be placed on an office desk for months, while a digital ad lasts only as long as a swipe.

Brand Affinity: Printing makes way for effective communication. It gives a brand better control over the placement, styling, and overall appearance of the text that is supplemented by great design. You can also control the material being used and the platforms utilised to achieve alignment with your brand values. For instance, easily degradable and recycled paper can effectively communicate the brand’s dedication towards sustainability. The print medium offers several such spaces that brands can take advantage of to communicate their values and ethics to their consumers and thereby grow the brand affinity.

Brand Loyalty: Brand loyalty is gained by ensuring three things: consistency, quality, effective communication. Apart from being an excellent medium for effective communication, print can be very powerful in ensuring quality. When it comes to packaging, a quality print that is built to sustain the production, transport, and storage phases of a product ensures effective communication and conveys great quality. Vibrant colours with smooth information flow in brochures, manuals, seminar kits encourage more reading and act as a relationship builder. These subtleties help increase brand loyalty.

As detailed, print collaterals can be incredibly helpful in your brand building exercise and also effective when done right. If you are looking for printers known not just for their quality and craftsmanship but a keen understanding of effective communication and brand building, you will find our experts at Zodiac Reprographics a right fit for the job.

Contact us for more information or to get a quote.

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