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Choosing A Print Company: 7 things you must keep in mind while making the decisionWhen there are

When there are a lot of options, often it is the case that the good ones are rare and far. The same goes for a printing company. This decision can be tricky and also detrimental to your brand’s identity. We have helped several brands meet their printing needs for about 40 years and we have put down our thoughts and observations over the years to help you arrive at a decision. Because the right choice will lead you to a solution that will enhance your brand and even sales for a long time.


While this is a given, customers are often unaware of how to measure the quality of the printer. It is most likely the case that brands go with personal references or something they come across online, but it is imperative to critically understand their performance when it comes to your particular need. Ask for a portfolio, anything similar to what you are looking for. Understand the paper and other materials that are used. When it comes to experience, not just the experience of the senior management but of the entire team also matters. For instance, at Zodiac, our print supervisors have a minimum of 15 years of exp., machine operators with at least 10 years of experience, and assistants have expertise that ranges between 3-6 years. We also have a culture of no compromise where we use only the best quality of paper, ink, and design. We always deliver on what is promised.

Printing Process:

Always know what type of printing will be used to print your products. Ask questions to understand why a particular process is chosen over others. You should also know the entire process of printing. This is a good indicator of the expertise of the company. A good company doesn’t make great promises but is the one that formulates the best plan with the grasp of reality.

Innovation and Design:

When hiring a printing company, you are not doing just that, you are also hiring a branding, marketing, and communications company. With this in mind, gauge the ability of the printers to innovate be it brochures or packaging labels. Experienced players that provide quality services are always on their foot to provide unique solutions in order for you to reap the greatest rewards.


This is not absolutely necessary for every brand, but it doesn’t hurt to understand how well the company performs when it comes to personalization. This also tells you about a company to model its services according to brand and industry needs. For instance, if you need labels for a shampoo bottle, can the company provide water-proof, moisture and heat resistant labels. Or this may help in any future requirements or just speak of their abilities to tackles challenges, to not just provide services but solutions.

Breadth of Services:

You may require just one or two services presently but to go through the entire process of selecting a new provider may be taxing. Hence it is always a good idea to choose a print company that can cater to multiple needs.

Post Print Services:

Although it may not seem like it at the initial contact, post-print services are extremely important. These ensure that you receive an end-to-end solution seamlessly and thereby increase efficiency. Although it can be difficult to find qualified printers who do provide this, it is definitely worth looking for one who does. At Zodiac, we provide lamination, punching, pasting, folding, gold foiling, and slitting options. We can also ensure shipping and on-time delivery.


Make sure to visit the premises once before you finalize. This helps build trust in the process and technology while also getting a sense of the hygiene practices that are followed. This becomes even more important especially if you hail from the food & beverage or the pharmaceutical industry.

Apart from the above-mentioned qualifiers, you can understand a lot from the attitude and availability. Ensure that all your questions are answered any dismissal or avoidance of them can signify ignorance or poor customer service. Look at this process as a long-term relationship building for a crucial part of your brand rather than a one-time transaction and that will pave the way towards the right one.

You can direct the above-mentioned questions or any other questions about printing or brand communications and our consultants will gladly take you up on them.


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